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The Black Literacy and Arts Collaborative 


"The Black Literacy and Arts Collaborative (B.L.A.C.) Project is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that was created as a means to educate, empower and uplift BIPOC youth and creatives at the intersection of art, culture, and activism. By invoking radical imagination we encourage BIPOC communities to change landscapes all while inspiring new realities.


Our goal is to support, educate and elevate BIPOC in order to create an equitable starting point between them and their white peers. Through artistic expression and engagement as well as bespoke programs and events, we serve as a connection point and source for underserved BIPOC communities to access the critical education and resources needed to thrive.


Through bespoke programs, events, and varied platforms, we connect our underserved communities with mentors they can relate to, curate unique experiences and programs, provide resources and invoke activism through a cultural and artistic lens."

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